Well, Well, Well!

On Trend & On The Green

With its spacious ground floor café-bar and partnership with award-winning restaurant Dublin Pizza Company, along with the coffee shop, basement dive bar and event space, The Well addresses three growing International trends in one venue; it’s artisanal, it’s ephemeral and it’s communal.

Artisanal, Ephemeral & Communal

The Well lives by three principals in its pursuit of bringing something new to Dublin’s bar and restaurant scene.

Firstly, where possible, The Well’s food, drink & coffee have been locally sourced, are ethically produced and are from small-scale Irish producers.

Secondly our St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 location is opportunistic and takes the idea of a pop-up to the next level, creating a chic venue that is of the moment, The Well only exists for now so enjoy it while you can.

And thirdly, enjoy it with friends and colleagues as The Well creates a warm welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that encourages a new generation of Dubliners and Visitors to adopt us as their local in a world where that concept has changed.

Co-Work & Coffee

Co-working spaces, hot-desk offices and entrepreneurial hubs are all a feature of the new Dublin, yet our leisure venues haven’t adapted to facilitate this change in our work-day and after-work lifestyles. ’The Well’ is the local for the digital generation, a social club for social media natives.